Awesome Supplements

We deliver our products worldwide and below is a list of our average shipping costs so you can predict your total order value.

Prices will vary on the size and weight of your order. To reduce the impact of delivery on your order, why not consider ordering more or adding a friend's order to yours.

Should you want us to ship to a certain area that we don't show on the website, please email for a quote, stating what you wish to order and your address. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

Our rates are as follows: 

Region Cost
Austria - up to 25kg £20.00
Belgium - up to 25kg £16.10
Denmark - up to 2kg £9.63
Denmark - up to 25kg £20.29
Ireland - up to 2kg (untracked) £8.00
Ireland - up to 25kg £12.00
Italy - up to 25kg £21.79
Jersey - up to 2kg £3.55
Jersey - up to 25kg £14.88
Netherlands - up to 25kg £16.10
Northern Ireland - up to 2.5kg £8.32
Northern Ireland - up to 25kg £11.89
Norway - up to 2kg £24.03
Norway - up to 25kg £35.67
Poland - up to 2kg £20.17
Poland - up to 25kg £32.87
Portugal - up to 2kg £19.83
Portugal - up to 25kg £30.21
Scottish Highlands - up to 2kg £3.65
Scottish Highlands - up to 25kg £14.84
Spain - up to 25kg £18.98
Sweden - up to 2kg £19.83
Sweden - up to 25kg £31.94
UK - up to 2kg £2.90
UK - up to 25kg £5.00
FREE UK shipping for orders over £60