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What makes it Awesome?

Transdermal magnesium and zinc

Transdermal magnesium and zinc

Say goodbye to DOMs and hello to recovery

Say goodbye to DOMs and hello to recovery

Simply rub on post workout

Simply rub on post workout

Product information

Looking to improve your recovery rate and alleviate that pesky delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that pains us the day after training? Then look no further, Awesome Recovery Spray is here to help in a super easy, convenient and cost effective way.

The route to optimal performance is optimal recovery, so if we can improve your recovery, and as a result you feel fresher, less sore, and more mobile the day after a hard training session, how much better are you going to perform?

Awesome Recovery Spray is a very simple product, a transdermal formula of magnesium, zinc and trace minerals that is applied directly to the skin straight after training to help alleviate sore muscles, improve your recovery rate, and reduce the chance of DOMS the day after training (watching our product video would help if you don’t understand the concept of transdermal application).

Many people that use Recovery Spray report improved sleep, less joint stiffness, less muscular aches, less ongoing muscular tension, and improved healing from injury (check our testimonials for lots of personal stories of people using Recovery Spray).

Unlike our other products, Awesome Recovery Spray is in a black bottle, this is because it’s an experimental product. All Awesome Supplements products are in white packaging, this signifies there is concrete research on all the ingredients and their benefits to either health, recovery, or performance. Awesome Recovery Spray has limited research data behind its use, and thus it’s in a black bottle to signify this. The active compounds in Recovery Spray have lots of data behind them (magnesium and zinc) and are well researched in their oral form, but not when taken transdermally.

But we know compounds can be absorbed via the skin, it just depends on the size of the compound. Think of all the things you might use in your daily life that act transdermally, like ibuprofen gel, moisturisers, smoking patches and various other medical creams, these all act transdermally. So, we combined the theory of transdermal application with the research on magnesium and zinc, and, in our opinion, we struck gold.

So how is Awesome Recovery Spray proposed to work?

Magnesium, the key active ingredient, is proposed to be absorbed via the skin and relaxes the muscles, seemingly improving blood flow and in turn recovery rate which seems to reduce the incidence of DOMS the day after exercise (as long as you use Recovery Spray the day of training, it doesn’t seem to work if you use it the day after training). Zinc is also a key player in recovery, from a hormonal perspective, so zinc is also in Recovery Spray as our hormonal response from training is key.

ZMA products have been used in oral form for over 40 years in the world of sport and body building, we just developed a transdermal formula, and it seems to work a dream when applied locally to the muscles trained in a session or match.

While the research is thin on the ground for Awesome Recovery Spray, we stand by it 100%, which is why we have listed a plethora of customer testimonials and stories on this page to support its use, and put it in a black bottle to signify where the research is on this product.

If you play sport, are an endurance junkie, hit the gym, or generally exert yourself and want to improve your recovery, we bet our last protein shake that this product will help you, which is why we all use it here at Awesome Supplements, and why we have so many raving customers.

Simply apply it to the muscles used after training, and see how your recovery is affected…

Nutrition information

Suitable for vegans

Dairy free

Gluten free

Our products are all already in myfitnesspal for dietary tracking, just search for 'Awesome Awesome Recovery Spray'.

Allergy advice: Do not apply when your skins pores are open, i.e. after a bath/shower or in hot conditions as the salts in this product may irritate the skin and cause itching and or reddening.


Research behind the ingredients

When we reference the research we reference, the go to source of understandable scientific research on nutrition, supplementation and health, allowing you to be informed about the ingredients we use and the research behind them.

Recovery Spray Ingredients

Zechstein sourced magnesium, polysorbate 20, zinc sulphate, trace elements and minerals combined with essential oils lemon eucalyptus, black pepper, marjoram and rosemary.

Magnesium - 300mg

As the 2nd most common deficiency it’s essential in optimal health and recovery. Also effective at reducing physical and mental stress. Read the research on Magnesium at

Zinc - 10mg

Important in regulation of the immune system, which in turn can affect recovery ability. Also a vital component in hormone function, specifically testosterone. Read the research on Zinc at


The primary use for Awesome Recovery Spray is in speeding up muscular recovery after training, but there are also some other uses that seem to be aided with its use. Because it contains magnesium, which is a muscle relaxant, it can also be good for use before bed to relax the body into a peaceful and relaxed state before bed, seemingly aiding sleep. If individuals have tight muscles it might also be prudent to apply it in the evening on those muscles that feel tight to aid in their relaxation.

Many of our customers, and us here at Awesome Supplements in the team, have found that Recovery Spray also seemingly aids in injury recovery rates. Most people that have used it on an injured muscle or joint have seen an improved recovery rate, so it might be worth applying Recovery Spray 2-3x per day on an injured area of the body (muscle, tendon and ligament injuries). We are assuming that it’s potential beneficial action is in relaxing the muscles injured and aiding blood flow to that area, thus improving localised recovery of the injured area.

We’ve also had success using Recovery Spray with sports players mid game that typically suffer with cramp. For example, you might be someone that typically starts getting cramp in their hamstrings or calves 60 minutes into a game, applying Recovery Spray at half time to the typically affected muscles seems to stop cramp from happening in most of the people we use this on. Could be a simple and cost effective solution alongside ensuring you are hydrating with electrolytes and carbohydrates while playing.

For Recovery Sprays primary use, after exercise, training or competition, apply Recovery Spray directly onto the worked muscles from that exercise session and massage in thoroughly. For example, if you did a lower body weight training session in the gym, apply it to the quads (4-6 sprays), hamstrings (3-5 sprays), glutes (2-3 sprays) and calves (2-3 sprays) and massage into the muscles, leaving it at least 3-5 minutes before showering (the amount of sprays needed will depend on the size of the muscle you are applying it, and how much stress that muscle has experienced in that exercise session. But do experiment with how many sprays you find it most effective for you).

Many people will find leaving Recovery Spray on the skin a little uncomfortable as it will feel a touch sticky, like using moisturiser or sun lotion does, so let it sit for a few minutes, then feel free to wash it off, especially before bed so you are nice and clean and relaxed for bed. But you can also leave it on if you don’t mind the feeling of it on your skin, just ensure it has a minimum of 3-5 minutes to be absorbed if washing it off.

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Awesome Recovery Spray

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