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LIMITED RELEASE PRODUCT: Want a way to log your training in the gym all while refining the way you build a workout session and have access to over 50 workout finishers at your fingertips? Then look no further this 2018, get your goals into serious swing with our new Awesome Training Log.

The Awesome Training Log is split into several sections:

  1. HA training pep talk and intro from Ben Coomber
  2. How to build the perfect training session in the gym (this is to help the more beginner or intermediate gym goer understand and build their training sessions. If you don't need this, feel free to skip these pages)
  3. Over 6 months' worth of workout tracking space
  4. 50 workout finishers, WODs and EMOMs to choose from

What else do you need from a training log?

Keep yourself on track, know how to build the perfect training program, and finish your workout strong with something that tests you both physically and mentally.

For a limited time only this 2018, grab our Awesome Training Log and guarantee your goals are progressing as you want them to, all while knowing how and why to put the required graft in.

(Awesome Training Logs are FREE with our pre-workout supplement stack).

Supplementation benefits

  • Build your own program
  • Keep yourself on track with your training program
  • 50 workout finishers, WODs and EMOMs



Research behind the ingredients

When we reference the research we reference, the go to source of understandable scientific research on nutrition, supplementation and health, allowing you to be informed about the ingredients we use and the research behind them.

Nutrition information

Our products are all already in myfitnesspal for dietary tracking, just search for 'Awesome AS Training Log'.


Ideal for the beginner, intermediate or advanced gym goer with sections of this training log relevant to different types of people. Either buy and log your workouts, using the finishers to maximise your gym time, or use the whole book to guide and maximise your training sessions.

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AS Training Log

The Awesome Training Log has the following sections:

  • An intro from Ben Coomber
  • How to build the perfect training session in the gym
  • Over 6 months’ worth of workout tracking space
  • 50 workout finishers, WODs and EMOMs to choose from