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Games Day Bundle

Game Day Bundle - £80

Pre-workout, Caffeine tabs, Electrolytes plus carbs + FREE shaker

A powerful bundle for the modern athlete performing at any level, this bundle will help you get your nutrition right before, during, and after your chosen sport. Awesome Pre-Workout and Caffeine Tabs will make sure you're razor sharp and ready to go pre-game, Awesome electrolytes and carbs will keep you going right into the final quarter, finished with Awesome Whey Protein post game to kickstart your recovery process.

Enjoy our game day bundle and never worry about your pre, during and after supplements again, instead focus on the battle ahead, the game.

  • Choose from Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana or Chocolate protein
  • Add Recovery Spray to maximise recovery and reduce DOMS
Vegan Gym Performance Bundle

Vegan Gym Performance Bundle - £89

Performance blend, Pre-workout, Caffeine tabs, Vegan protein + FREE shaker

It's time to take your gym performance to the next level! This bundle provides everything you need for before, during and after a hard workout - making sure you can get the most out of your body while in the gym and then recover as effectively as possible afterwards. Designed specifically with the gymgoer in mind, this bundle is ideal for bodybuilders and Crossfit athletes alike, all while being completely plant based.

Support your efforts in the gym with our plant-based gym bundle, covering you from pre to post workout

  • Choose from Vanilla, Choc & Nut or Chocolate Salted Caramel protein
  • Add Recovery Spray to enhance recovery and reduce DOMS or Daily Dose to cover your health and micronutrition needs
Vegan Athlete Bundle

Vegan Athlete Bundle - £109

Vegan protein, Daily dose, Electrolytes, Performance blend, Pre-workout, Caffeine tabs + FREE shaker

The needs of an athlete differ from those of the general population, and this AWESOME bundle provides all you need to plug the gaps. From supporting a healthy immune system with Awesome Daily Dose to providing the winning edge with Awesome Pre-Workout and Caffeine tabs, you'll be given the best possible chance of finishing ahead of the competition. Being ideal for anyone from Crossfit Athletes and Strongmen to triathletes and trail runners, this stack is something that any plant-focused athlete will want in their cupboard!

Support your efforts in and out of the gym with our plant-based athlete bundle, covering your health and performance needs

  • Choose from Vanilla, Choc & Nut or Chocolate Salted Caramel protein
  • Add Recovery Spray to enhance recovery and reduce DOMS
Vegan Protein Bundle

Vegan Protein Bundle - £75

All three Vegan Protein flavours

Love our Awesome Vegan Protein? We don't blame you, it's our #1 selling product, it has been ever since we launched it last year. Save a whopping £9 by picking up your next three tubs at once mix and match or stick to what you know, it's entirely up to you!

Ever wanted ALL your favourite protein in your cupboard for all your differing needs? Well now you can, all while saving money.

  • Choose from one single flavour or mix and match
  • Stay fully stocked of our #1 selling product